Our Team



JACQUELINE BISSONNETTE has been a lawyer since 1983. She is a partner at the law firm Poudrier Bradet and specializes in the field of personal insurance. Her practice concentrates on disability insurance, employee benefits, health insurance, and terminations. Me.Bissonnette has a particular interest in all matters related to human rights, including the rights of patients undergoing medical cannabis treatment.

An executive member of the Canadian Bar Association's Insurance and Civil Litigation Section, and a sought-after speaker and trainer with experience in disability insurance and related matters, Me. Bissonnette is a natural fit for Aube: The Voice of Medical Cannabis Patients.



REBECCA FOGEL herself a medical cannabis patient, began this treatment in 2014 to manage the pain and symptoms of Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Her medical cannabis treatment has also helped keep her off of opioids, which she struggled with a medically induced dependency to for several years. Since 2017, Ms. Fogel has been working within the medical cannabis industry and as such has witnessed the benefits of personalized treatment plans for medical cannabis patients. 

A strong advocate for research, education, and the elimination of the stigma surrounding medical cannabis, Ms. Fogel is an outspoken advocate for medical cannabis patients. Like Me Bissonnette, Ms. Fogel has enthusiastically joined Aube: The Voice of Medical Cannabis Patients.



DAPHNÉE ELISMA has been a medical cannabis patient since 2014 to treat chronic migraines and alleviate debilitating symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome following breast cancer.  Ms. Elisma is a jurist, also an activist for the rights of medical cannabis patients; she is particularly interested in studying discrimination based on health status and the excessive hardship of medical cannabis taxation in Canada.

Formerly a Quebec representative of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, she also served as an expert advisor for the Health Committee in the Canadian House of Commons regarding Bill C-45 concerning medical cannabis. The Quebec Bar Association also called upon her expertise for training in the legal environment of cannabis. Ms. Elisma is the instigator of a series of events dubbed Forum Cannabis Québec, launched in September 2018.

An activist and jurist, justice and probity remain the core of her commitments and actions. She is the committed founder of Aube: The voice of medical cannabis patients.