Our Mission and Our Vision


Who we are ?

Aube is a non-profit organization (NPO), working at the provincial and national levels.

Vision, organizational mission and key objectives :



The primary objective of Aube: The Voice of Medical Cannabis Patients

is to advocate for the medical cannabis patient community while helping to raise financial resources to fund clinical research and the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid education, with the goal of promoting access to cutting-edge treatments for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, arthritis, and other disabling conditions.  This will help eliminate the stigma associated with the use of medical cannabis and support the improvement of the quality of life of these patients who are often the most vulnerable in our democratic society.

Orientations and Objectives

  1. A proactive organization in the defense of the rights of the medical cannabis patient community.
  2. An organization that supports the development of clinical research and the advancement of education in cannabis and cannabinoids
  3. An organization that promotes access to cutting-edge treatments for patients with chronic diseases
  4. An organization that aims to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic and disabling conditions


To build an evidence-based community of support for medical cannabis and to place Quebec at the forefront of cannabis and cannabinoid research and public education.

Our goal with this initiative is to encourage our province to develop more progressive policies and reduce the undue constraints we face as medical cannabis patients.

We must always keep in mind the importance of philanthropy.